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The internet and social media have brought with them a connected world.  Just like with the invention of the classifieds, social media has given a new way for real estate agents to connect with the public.  In fact, it is expected of real estate agents to have a social media presence.  Need to know how to increase your social media presence, though?  These real estate social media tips will help you succeed as a real estate agent.

Engagement, Engagement, Engagement

One of the keys to social media is engagement.  No matter who you are and what your purpose on social media is to engage other people.  Engagement is all about catching potential buyers and getting them to regularly interact with your social media presence.  This helps to build up a base of people who are constantly seeing what you have available.  Typically, these people are those who have either bought a house from you or those who have been to an open house.

Part of the trick of social media though is networking with websites, your main page, and others in order to direct more engagement to your page.  Engagement also requires that you promote it on your page by keeping content fresh and updating your visitors/followers regularly.  A great way to do this is through real estate photography.  You can post new photographs of listings regularly to attract attention to your page and your listings.

Personality Sells

You are part of the reason that people come to your page.  You don’t want to have a page where people only see a business, you want them to see you.  At the same time, you build a personal brand.  When you build a brand people expect you to have a consistent tone and image.  That means your words need to sound like you.

It also means that your photographs need to be taken by the same person.  Photographers have their own image, a way of taking photographs that can be noticed.  Using the same photographer helps to build your personal brand and builds up a relationship with that photographer.

Be Different!

People who go on social media love when there is something new or different about a specific page.  If a page provides something that other pages do not, it will help to keep people coming to it.  It will also help encourage people to share your page.  How do you be different though?

Providing video and well-designed media materials on your page allow visitors to see your listings in a whole new way.  While video is great, imagine being able to show the view from a house in a panorama or how about being able to show a high tech kitchen.  Panoramas are images of a wide area.  Sometimes they are even 360-degree images that are animated by a computer.  A good panorama can help to sell a listing all by itself.  It can also make a great Facebook cover photo.

Follow The Social Media 80/20 Rule

Social media has an 80/20 rule that should be followed when it comes to posting content.  Only part of your social media page’s purpose is to provide calls to action, as such, you only want about 20% of your content to be a call to action.  If you are constantly sending out calls to action you start to lose the interest of people who visit your social media outlets.

For this reason, you want 80% of your content to be of a nature that people actually want to read or view.  For a real estate agent, a chunk of this will be photographs, panoramas, and videos of listings.  Real estate virtual tours will also make up a percentage of this too.  You might want to also look for other content to share such as heartwarming stories.  Everybody likes a good story that makes them feel good and they are likely to share this kind of content.

You Have To Give A Little To Get A Little

One important note is that in order to get more followers you will often have to follow people first.  Go to other people on social media and follow them.  You shouldn’t just follow anybody, though.  You should follow people who are relevant to your page.  For example, you might want to follow the agency you work with.  Depending on your client’s preference you might also follow some of your past clients.  The more people that you follow, the more attractive your page will be.  Utilizing real estate social media keywords will also help search engines to find your page.

Driving Traffic

Driving traffic to your social media page means that you are directing people to find your page.  One way to do this is to make your search engine ranking higher.  Making the search engine ranking higher for a social media page means crafting posts that use real estate social media keywords and are search engine friendly.  You can add keywords to real estate photography descriptions that you post to social media too.

Another good way to drive traffic to your social media page is to use hashtags and to tag people.  Hashtags work by connecting social media pages that are talking about key topics.  New hashtags go in and out of popularity so making sure that you are using current hashtags is key.  Look at other real estate agent’s social media pages in order to get an idea of what hashtags they are using.  You want to make sure that your tags are relevant to the content that you are posting, though.  Using hashtags to describe your real estate virtual tours is one idea.

Tagging people is a strategy you can use when you are referring to a specific user in a post.  Such as thanking someone or referring to your agency.  An at tag used to be required before a name but most social media networks have learned to recognize names as you are typing so that you no longer need to worry about the pesky at sign.  You can still use it if you wish to, though.

Real Estate Photography

When you post a real estate virtual tour (or a panorama that is too big to all fit in the preview) it is best practice to make sure that your preview in your feed is of high quality.  High quality means that the image has good visual quality but also that it is relevant and descriptive of the main content.  This helps to attract people to your real estate virtual tour and to your real estate photography.  You don’t want people to feel as if they were feeling false advertising of your content.  Many cheap companies use previews that do not properly describe the content that they offer and it turns visitors away.

Making the most of your real estate social media pages is important in a modern world where the population is so dependent on the internet.  Fortunately for you, most of these tips are pretty easy to implement.  All they require is a little bit of work.  They don’t even require much in the way of funding, if anything at all.  Let us know your real estate social media page in the comments below!

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