Content Marketing On A Shoestring Budget

Judging by its name, content marketing sounds sophisticated and very expensive. But the reality is that you can still do this type of marketing if you have a very tight budget. It all comes down to you to harnessing is power the right way.
And just because content marketing seems expensive, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is. The idea here is to try and find the best options that work for you. With that in mind, here are some of the things that will help you do great content marketing even with a small budget.

Start a blog

You can start a blog without any cost if you use a blogging platform. Other option  you can pay a small amount for hosting and domain. The recommended option here is to use WordPress. You should try to use the same root domain as your site if you want to get the best exposure. The best thing you can do here is to add a link to your blog right on the homepage, otherwise your blog will be very hard to access.

Post often

Obviously, it’s not ok to have a blog unless you use it very often. This does mean you have to write content as often as you can. Obviously, writing content does require some writing knowledge but even so there are methods you can use to solve any issue you encounter.
You can either try to do the writing on your own or you can assign team members to do the writing for you. The latter option can be a very good idea since content writing and research can be very time consuming and you won’t be able to do it properly all the time. On top of that, you also have the option of hiring a freelancer. Depending on the freelancer, you can end up paying anywhere from $10 to $80 or more per post. Obviously, the prices will differ and it all comes down to you to get the best results.

Hire a content marketing firm

This can be a good idea but depending on the situation it can be very expensive. That’s why you need to check the aforementioned options before you use this one. It can be well worth it!
However, no matter what option you use, the idea is simple. You do need to focus on writing often and sharing the content online will also be a necessity as well. Social media sharing is necessary, but you should try and place links or any site with lots of exposure such as Reddit or StumbleUpon.
You will also need to plan your content properly. Content planning means you have to create an editorial calendar. You have to figure out the type of content you post. You will also need to prepare articles at least a week in advance. If you do work with other writers, you will have to create guidelines and teach them how they can improve on the current work.


Yes, content marketing on a shoestring budget might not seem easy at first, but if you have a small budget you have to follow these ideas. Create a blog and start sharing your knowledge there. Once you have the content in place, use the power of social media to get the best results, you will not be disappointed with the outcome!

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