3 Steps To Build Marketing Plan That Works

If you want to obtain a good conversion rate and generate lots of sales, the thing you need to focus on is establishing a really good marketing plan. But while some tend to focus on a more complex marketing plan, the reality is that sometimes simpler is always better. With that in mind, here’s a great marketing plan to help you obtain the same ROI at all times.

Build the marketing plan

In order to create a good marketing plan you need to have an objective. Many times, the objective is to acquire a good conversion rate and based on that you will be able to establish the course of action in this regard. You will need to think about the landing page and what it will include as well. Keep in mind that the landing page is the first point of contact with your site and your business, so it has to be meaningful and significant.

You will also have to focus on things like demographics, interests, behavior and ad formats. And while there, remember that the budget you allocate to the marketing campaign will influence its quality and reach. The marketing plan should also include social media, SEO and maybe even Google AdWords. Any platform should be reached, because in the end the more exposure you have the higher the Conversion Rate will be in the end.


Analytics are very important so you do need to have a platform that will track all sales analytics. Usually, the data you need to focus on includes number of orders, sales conversion rate, the overall order value, how many people reach the cart but don’t order and the traffic sources. You will also have to keep an eye on things such as nationality, number of transactions and language. These are important factors that will always get to influence your marketing campaign so try to address them in a proper manner.


Based on the analytics and information you receive, you will have to tweak your marketing plan. What you need to do here is to figure out the issues and based on that you have to address them the best way you can. The metrics to focus on are more specifically orders, the CTR, bounce rate, session duration and many others. Once you checked this, you will have to change the offer and make it more appealing for your audience or you can create ads that are offering better targeting. You can also select a different audience if you want, it all comes down to your needs and the results will be worth it. Also, if you want to optimize for ROI a good idea is to pay attention to how relevant the ads are and always try to test them the best way you can.

These steps are easy to follow and the conversion rate will definitely be improved if you choose to act on them. Give these a try and you will not regret it!

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